How Will My Lips Feel After Lip Fillers?

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Lip filler injections remain at the top of the list of most in-demand cosmetic treatments today – and for good reason. Lip injections are convenient, long-lasting, relatively affordable, and can provide a gorgeous and natural new look almost instantly. At Modern Day MedSpa in Franklin Park, IL, board-certified practitioner and expert cosmetic injector Dr. Myriam Yokana helps men and women add or restore lip volume to achieve their ideal outcome with a wide range of injectable lip fillers. Read on to learn more about what you can expect during and after lip fillers, including how your lips may feel following the injections and when you should feel back to normal.

Which filler is best for the lips?

While there are a number of perfectly safe and effective dermal fillers that can be used to augment the lips, two of the most popular lip fillers offered by Dr. Yokana are:

  • Restylane®

Both JUVÉDERM and Restylane are hyaluronic acid (HA)-based fillers, meaning they contain synthetic HA – a substance that mimics the body’s naturally occurring HA almost identically. Because of this, the results that can be achieved with both JUVÉDERM and Restylane are remarkably natural-looking and feeling.

During your initial consultation for lip fillers in the Franklin Park area, Dr. Yokana will listen to your concerns and goals, discuss all of your available lip filler options, explain the difference between JUVÉDERM and Restylane, and recommend the most appropriate product for you.

Do lip fillers hurt?

Lip fillers are injected using an exceptionally fine needle, meaning most patients tolerate the treatment very well with minimal discomfort. To further reduce any pain you may experience with lip fillers, Dr. Yokana may suggest the use of a topical numbing cream prior to receiving your injections. Finally, certain lip fillers contain a local anesthetic, which helps numb the lips as the product is injected.

Will my lips feel weird after fillers?

Once the topical anesthetic has worn off after lip injections, most patients experience a mild amount of discomfort or tenderness. Additionally, patients should expect mild bruising and swelling after lip fillers, which may last for several days. Gently applying a cold compress can help to relieve these symptoms.

Patients often notice that their lips feel lumpy, bumpy, and/or overly inflated following lip filler injections. This is a normal phenomenon and is to be expected. Over the next 14 days, as the fillers settle and soften, the lips should become much smoother and more even. During this time, any residual swelling will also resolve, and the patient will become adjusted to their newly enhanced lips.

How long do lip fillers last?

On average, patients can expect their lip filler results to last for about 12 – 18 months before a repeat treatment is needed. Should a patient desire an even more dramatic change in volume before that time, Dr. Yokana can inject additional product into the lips at any time.

Get the plump and juicy pout you’ve always wanted with lip fillers in Franklin Park, IL

Have you always been self-conscious about your naturally thin lips, or are you starting to notice a deflated smile with age? In either case, you may benefit from lip fillers. For more information on the exciting enhancements that are possible with lip filler injections in Franklin Park, IL, call Modern Day MedSpa to schedule your one-on-one consultation with board-certified physician and aesthetic expert Dr. Myriam Yokana today.

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