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What is a VI Peel?

At Modern Day MedSpa, Dr. Myriam Yokana and her skilled aesthetic team offer various choices for a facial peel, including VI Peel treatments. Customized for your unique needs, a VI Peel utilizes innovative chemical solutions to create a healthier, smoother complexion. Within our Franklin Park, IL facility, our team provides VI Peel treatments in order to diminish skin irregularities, including wrinkles, scars, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and more. By getting rid of damaged and dead skin cells, a VI Peel can reveal new, improved skin. Learn more about a VI Peel treatment by contacting our Franklin Park practice to schedule your initial consultation. 

How Does a VI Peel work?

A VI Peel can be performed on the face, neck, and décolletage. This treatment is provided within one of our spacious treatment rooms at Modern Day MedSpa. After your skin has been thoroughly cleansed, the customized VI Peel solution will be carefully administered to your skin. It will sit on the skin for an appropriate amount of time before it is gently washed off. Lastly, a neutralizing agent will be applied, and patients are encouraged to wear sunscreen and/or a hat for the remainder of the day, as well as limit sun exposure until the skin is fully healed.


Is a VI peel safe?

Yes, it is. A VI peel is safe for all skin types, and its next-generation formulation is more effective and gentler on your skin than traditional chemical peels.

Does a VIP peel hurt?

No, most patients don’t experience discomfort during a VI peel. Some may experience a mild stinging or tingling as the peel begins to work, but it usually goes away within seconds.

How long is recovery after a VI peel?

Typically, most patients will experience the treated outer layer of skin peel and slough off naturally over about a week. After the skin is finished peeling, in about three days, the natural pH of the skin usually returns, and optimal results are generally seen. You should never pick or pull at your skin as it peels.

Restore Your Skin

Experience restored, more youthful, and smoother skin with a VI Peel at Modern Day MedSpa. Our team can curate a customized treatment plan that is specific to your needs. Contact us in Franklin Park, IL, to learn more and to schedule a consultation today.

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